Quality Assurance

Because so much is at stake, verifying the quality of our interpretations is of utmost importance to Plains Radiology Services. We utilize the American College of Radiology (ACR) eRADPEER™ platform to document and track peer-reviewed cases. Our review process utilizes a double reading of the same study by two radiologists.

The accuracy of the original interpretation is scored by the reviewing radiologist using a standard four-point rating scale:

1 = Concur with interpretation

2 = Discrepancy in interpretation (not ordinarily expected to be made – understandable miss)

3 = Discrepancy in interpretation (should be made most of the time)

4 = Discrepancy in interpretation (should be made almost every time – misinterpretation of finding).

Additionally, for scores of 2, 3 or 4, the reviewer notes whether the discrepancy is likely to be clinically significant. 

Any discrepancy noted by a reviewer is brought to the attention of Plains Radiology Services’ Quality Assurance Medical Director. Upon further review, an addendum is made to the original radiology report and the discrepancy is communicated to both the original radiologist and the attending physician when found to be clinically significant.

Upon request, a quarterly summary of Quality Assurance results is made available to appropriate QA committees of facilities using PRS services. Additionally, any client of Plains Radiology Services may submit a study for review at any time.

Through our ongoing peer review program, we are able to independently verify that our quality is consistent with industry standards and identify areas for continuing education refresher activities. Our commitment to quality and a philosophy of continuous improvement make Plains Radiology Services is your ideal radiology partner.