"Phelps Memorial Health Center has been working with Plains Radiology Services (PRS) for approximately 12 years. Plains Radiology Services was instrumental in helping us become a progressive digital diagnostic imaging department in a rural setting.

"The PRS staff is courteous and radiologists are accessible to our technologists, treating us like we are their only customer. The radiologists work to develop a relationship with our staff and technologists, which is important for maintaining the highest quality of care and maintaining the skills of our staff members. Because of this relationship, we have become completely digital within seven years from the start of our partnership and have expanded our diagnostic capabilities.

"Plains Radiology Services continues to grow with us and we feel we are the quality facility we are today due to their willingness to work with us for a common goal...quality patient care and outcomes."

Paula Keffeler, Director of Radiology
Phelps Memorial Health Center


"Working with Plains Radiology Services allows us to provide timely reports to our providers for ER and outpatient studies. Everyone at Plains Radiology Services is very helpful in all aspects, from working through IT issues to answering our questions. Plains Radiology Services works with us to achieve the best outcomes for our patients."

Mildred Hadley, Radiology Manager
Phillips County Hospital


"We appreciate on-site visits from Plains Radiology Services staff, fast image transfer times and quick diagnosis. Having the opinion of a radiologist so quickly available on over-reads gives our physicians peace of mind."

Staff Technologist 
Urgent care facility


"I appreciate being able to speak with the radiologists regarding protocols, problems and suggestions. The addition of NovaPACS has improved service immeasurably. Plains Radiology Services always listens to our needs and works to meet them."   

Marcia Montgomery, Radiology Director
Cozad Community Hospital